Twin Falls Riddlebones Remedies

Alchemy needs

Dactyl dropdit

Riddlebones Remedies is the only alchemy store in Twin Falls. Riddlebones was originally owned by Ragnar Riddlebone. He ran it with his head apprentice Dactyl Dropdit and other apprentices Alaire Pigorel and Aristotles Reck. While Dactyl was sent on an errand for Lord Brendan, Ragnar was found murdered in his shop. It came to almost everyone’s surprise to discover that Ragnar had made Dactyl his sole heir, deeding Dactyl not only the shop but his small home in the Merchant District.

Since his acquisition of Riddlebones Remedies, Dactyl Dropdit has worked day and night to resupply the shop and bring back the services that the citizens of Twin Falls have come to expect from the only alchemy shop in town.

Name: Riddlebones Remedies

Owner: Dactyl Dropdit



Sale Items
Miscellaneous Items
Item Price Item Price
Abacus 2 gp Acid (flask) 11 gp
Alchemical Grease 5 gp Alchemical Solvent (vial) 22 gp
Alchemist’s Fire (flask) 22 gp Alchemist’s Kindness 1 gp
Alchemist’s Kit 27 gp Alchemist’s Lab 220 gp
Alchemist’s Lab, portable 82 gp Alkali Flask 16 gp
Antiplague (vial) 220 gp Antitoxin (vial) 55 gp
Bellows 1 gp Bladeguard 44 gp
Bloodblock 27 gp Casting Plaster 5 sp
Cauldron 1 gp Flash Powder 55 gp
Light Detector 1 gp Liquid Ice (Flask) 220 gp
Nushadir (vial) 11 gp Smelling Salts 27 gp
Smoke Pellet 27 gp Smokestick 22 gp
Sneezing Powder (pouch) 66 gp Soothe Syrup 27 gp
Sunrod 2 gp Tanglefoot Bag 55 gp
Thunderstone 33 gp Tindertwig 1 gp
Item Price Item Price
Potion of Comprehend Languages 55 gp Potion of Cure Light Wounds 55 gp
Potion of Detect Magic 27 gp Potion of Disguise Self 55 gp
Potion of Expeditious Retreat 55 gp Potion of Feather Fall 55 gp
Potion of Guidance 27 gp Potion of Identify 55 gp
Potion of Jump 55 gp Potion of Know Direction 27 gp
Potion of Read Magic 27 gp Potion of Remove Fear 55 gp
Item Price Item Price
Arsenic 132 gp Belladonna 110 gp
Dark Reaver Powder 880 gp Hemlock 2525 gp
King’s Sleep 5500 gp Oil of Taggit 99 gp
Service Price Service Price
Special Order Potions Varies Purchases Varies
Potion Appraisal Varies

Staff and Patrons


Position Employee
Dactyl Dropdit
Tanik Crane
Nicias Dano
Alaire Pigorel
Aristotles Reck
Darra Dropdit
Dengara Crane &

Eilynis Crane
Haitz Fredricks
Gastne Dorsile
Thilko Bonamy
Ridick Blackwood
Rauffe Lebel

Regular Customers

Serill Berge
Hadran Zax

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Twin Falls Riddlebones Remedies

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