Twin Falls Library of the Illuminate

The Library of the Illuminate at Twin Falls is the tallest building in the large town and the first Society of Illuminate building known in Gillengaria. It is also famous for being one of the first buildings built in the Fallen District of Twin Falls. There have been arguments that the building itself was around long before the Society inhabited and many people believe it once was a watch tower or maybe a city home for the Lord and his family. Whatever it once was,in recent memory the Society has been solidly intrenched in the old building and has designed it to fit the it’s various needs.

Publicly, the Library of the Illuminate is a store house of knowledge and ancient artifacts. People are welcome to come in and browse the collection, peer at ancient mysteries, and seek council with the scholars who work at the library. Many people are amazed that an institution like the Society would become so established, even in Danalustrous. Much of the recent success of the library can be traced to Morander Galdren, the current sage in charge of the library. He has done much, since he retired to Twin Falls, to have good relations with the Brendan family and the Marlord’s family. He was even able to negotiate with King Baryn and arrange for another library to be built in the Gillengarian capitol of Ghosenhall.

Name: Library of the Illuminate

Owner: Morandar Galdren

Sale Items
Service Price Service Price
Special Order Potions Varies Purchases Varies
Potion Appraisal Varies

Staff and Patrons


Position Employee
Morandar Galdren
Shanna Prismbit
Arno Prismbit
Senior Scholar
Senior Scholar
Junior Scholar Gnome character
Archibald “Pepper” Prismbit
Apprentice Scholar
Jocyn Elmaran

Regular Customers

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Twin Falls Library of the Illuminate

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