The Society of the Illuminate

The Society of the Illuminate is a global organization of explorers, adventures, and historians. The Society’s goal is to recover and protect Gillengarian history. The Society sends out hundreds of members to explore the less civilized areas of the world. While a large number of members are out in the world exploring the ruins of the world, a large amount of members are stationed in major cities overseeing libraries and museums.

The Society pays adventures and members for artifacts, maps, journals, and magic items. Most of these items are added to the Societies’ collection, but occasionally items will be sold to members who may need them. The Society also charges non-members a fee to use their libraries. Members have free access to all libraries, but must pay a yearly membership fee.

SOTI is known throughout the kingdom as a neutral organization. They do not get involved in politics, though sometimes politics try to get involved in their business. Over the last decade, the followers of the Silver Lady have been pressuring the Society to remove and bar nonhuman from becoming members or even have use of the Society libraries. So far the Leadership of has been able to hold the Silver Lady follower off.

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The Society of the Illuminate

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