The Adventuring Party

Here are heroes, my townsmen and friends,
Shall I speak there tale to their bitter ends?
Perhaps a tale of fortune and fame,
Know you will, because you came.
Within this weave of song and cheer,
You’ll find a tale that’s worthy to hear.
Here you’ll find companions true,
Not unlike each one of you.
Strong and fast, young and free,
Looking out for people, especially me!
Now before I start this tale of fame,
You should know my name is Deni Crane.

Deniveld Crane, 24th of Merrowstow, 1672

Deniveld Crane
Deniveld Crane’s Background
Deniveld Cranes Journal Entries
Archibald “Pepper” Prismbit
Archibald “Pepper” Prismbit’s Background
Archibald Pepper Prismbit Journal Entries
Kaz Blackwood
Kaz Blackwood’s Background
Kaz Blackwood Journal Entries
Dactyl Dropdit
Dactyl Dropdit’s Background
Dactyl Dropdit Journal Entries

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The Adventuring Party

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