Kyras Moonshadows Background

Kyras Moonshadow is a young half elf orphan found by Malina Moonshadow. She found him when he was an infant amongst the remains of a burned house where his drow father and his human mother were killed because of their love. His father betrayed the Drow and chose to be a hero and combat evil. Years later he would meet his wife to be, a daughter of a lord who was fed up with the racist ways of the empire.

Kyras has been trained as a ranger. He wields 2 short spears. Kyras has few friends. Kyras has silver hair blue eyes and grayish skin, stands at 5’4 100 lbs. Kyras also loves to listen to his favorite bard Deniveld Crane play and sing , while sitting on the roof .

His adopted family won’t speak to him with the exception of his mother, his sister Emilia, and his older brother Thresis.

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Kyras Moonshadows Background

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