Deniveld Cranes Background

The House of Crane
By: Deniveld Crane

On the day I was born the trumpets sounded out in joyous symphony. The clouds parted and the sun illuminated the lands of Gillengaria. On that day, at that moment, the discord of an uncertain future was put at ease. Deniveld Crane was born.

It wasn’t long after that this Half Elven child showed promise. My cute chubby cheeks and brilliant smile gave everyone in the House of Crane a reason to feel better. I was going to be the answer to all of their prayers. They just didn’t quite know it at the time.

As I grew older and my natural talents flourished my father realized that I had the gift of gab. So by the time I was nine I was performing at our house’s hostel; twice a day. The crowds loved me. They would ask, “How could a child so young be so incredibly talented?” and my father would tell them, “He’s Deniveld Crane.”. Some of you might think; my what an odd answer, but truth be told I am Deniveld Crane. Know me and you’ll know it’s true.

The following years of my young life had me continue my training in the ways of the Bard. Storytelling was something I was always naturally good at. So from time to time I would weave an epic tale of warriors and wizards fighting over the glowing Moonstone of our fair Silver Lady. They would be locked in an eternal struggle between the illumination of the moon and the scorching rays of the sun. It was epic stuff. Unfortunately, all of that ended rather abruptly for me when my father mysteriously died. My mother couldn’t take the anguish so we all moved in with her Aunt, or my Great Aunt. The events that unfolded here would forever change the course of history for the House of Crane. It was during these few years where the real Deniveld, nay Deni, Crane was born.

My Great Aunt was a Madame. A Mistress of the Night, and how fitting for me since I believe in the Goddess of the Moonstone, the Silver Lady. However, unlike my father she not only saw the gift of gab in me but also the makings of a fine young male courtesan. Three years I spent living every young boy’s dream. I was taught things, sensual things, things to make my lovers feel pleased and completely satisfied. Yes, it’s true, there was some humiliation involved and I was embarassed at first but it all passed in time. I learned to walk amongst the High Society and dine with Lords and Ladies. I attended events with beautiful women and escorted dignitaries to important meetings. Finally I had a taste of what the world was all about. Living the life of a Courtier was my dream come true, and to top that all off I could still weave an epic tale.

My life was starting to shape up and I was quickly making friends in high places.
One of my closest friends, Colton Brendyn was the only son of our very own Lord. He and I would spend hours together going to parties and official functions for the Lord. Some of the very best times of my life have taken place behind the sealed walls of our Lord‘s Keep here in Twin Falls. The only thing left for me to do is to make my way to the Capitol and perform for his Royal Majesty King Baryn and his lovely daughter, and I will, but that’s another story for another time.

Deni Crane

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Deniveld Cranes Background

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