Danalustrous is a large fiefdom in the Northwest corner of Gillengaria. It is one of the most powerful of the 12 houses that stands with mystics. They are also known for being isolationists, dealing with their own problems and letting the rest of the houses and even the kingdom, deal with theirs. Because of this and its lack of interest in expanding its own borders they are often asked to be mediators.

The Marlord for House Danalustrous is Marlord Malcolm. He has two daughters. His eldest daughter from his second marriage, is Serramarra Kirra, a known mystic. Malcolm is rare in the twelve houses, not only tolerating his daughter’s gift but going so far as to encourage it by searching out mystics to train her. His youngest daughter from his third marriage to Lady Jannis Danalustrous is Serramarra Casserah. Not much is known about Casserah, unlike her more vivacious older sister who travels often in service of the King, it is rare to find Casserah outside Danalustrous borders or even Danan Hall.



Danan Hall

Twin Falls

Brendan Hall


The White Shadow Mountains

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