" As we expand our knowledge of the world around us, we (gillengarians) encounter numerous races, that live outside our borders. One should approach encounters with other races with caution, research, and liberal use of a moonstone charm. The Silver Lady will reveal any mystic taint in those you deal with and you should act accordingly. You must be patient with others’ ignorant ways. Unlike our Blessed Lady, their gods have not been protecting them from the taint of the fallen races and magic.

As for the Fallen Races they are second class citizens meant to serve the true children of the Silver Lady and be reeducated in their role in society and purged of the taint of magic. The Savage Fallen races should be approached with the greatest of caution. They are a disease inflicting this world that needs to be purged. No good can come of any dealings with them. "

Excerpt from a discussion on trade and diplomatic practices
from Lestra Corlinda Gisseltess


Gillengarian Azlanti Chelaxians
Garundi Keleshites Kellids
Mwangi Shoanti Taldans
Tians Ulfen Varisians

The Fallen Races

Dwarves Elves Gnomes
Halflings Half-Elves Half-Orcs

The Savage Fallen Races

Aasimar Android Catfolk
Changeling Dhampir Drow
Duergar Fetchling Ghoran
Gillmen Goblin Goblin Monkey
Grippli Hobgoblin Ifrit
Kitsune Kobold Lashunta
Merfolk Nagaji Orcs
Oread Ratfolk Samsaran
Strix Suli Svirfneblin
Sylph Tengu Tiefling
Undine Vanara Vishkanya

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