Pepper's Staff

Staff of Spell Storing and more!


Caster Level: 5

Pepper’s Staff counts as a Holy Symbol and has the Spell Storing, Minor Ability.

Spell-storing, Minor: The staff can contain up to three levels of spells (either cleric or wizard) that the wielder can cast. Each spell has a caster level equal to the minimum level needed to cast the spell. The user need not provide material components or focus to cast the spell and there is no arcane spell failure chance for wearing armor. The activation time is the same as the casting time for the relevant spell, with a minimum of 1 standard action. A spell caster can cast any spells into the staff, so long as the total spell levels do not add up to more than three. Meta-magic versions of spells take up storage space equal to their spell level modified by the meta-magic feat. A spell caster can use a scroll to put a spell into the staff.


Pepper's Staff

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