The Sword of my Father...

weapon (melee)

Special Qualities

Magically Imbued: This weapon is considered a +2 Longsword.

Elven Craftsmanship: This weapon counts as possessing the Keen ability and as such gains double the critical range of a standard Longsword.

Singing Sword: A bard in possession of this sword can use it to continue his Bardic Performance autonomously. He need not spend additional rounds to maintain bardic music and can use it to mimic his last performance while starting an additional one.

Arcane Vengeance: This weapon counts as a Bane weapon vs. Non-Spellcasters and as such gains an additional +2 enhancement bonus to hit and damage versus those types of creatures and deals an additional 2d6 points of damage.

Arcane Rage: This weapons counts as a Furyborn weapon and as such gains a +1 enhancement bonus to hit and damage versus a single target. This bonus persists until Dainsleif strikes a new target or the target dies.

Intelligent: This item has an intelligence, but the extent of it is not currently known by Deniveld. It currently can communicate telepathically, and empathically.

Hates Non-Spellcasters: This weapon has shown periods of murderous rage against all non-spellcasting creatures.


Known history so far…

The sword formerly owned by Deniveld’s father, Tiberius. It came into Deni’s possession when his mother gave it to him as a going away gift when he first traveled to Danan Hall. Little is know about this mysterious sword and how it came back into his family’s possession after his father’s mysterious passing.

Notes from the Grand Library of the Illuminate in Ghosenhall

The sword’s name is Dainsleif, an elvish blade. Legend has it the sword was originally forged for an unknown wizard or magus who required a powerful weapon in his travels. The wizard and the sword gained notoriety until one day the wizard was set on, according to legend, by an army of 1000 warriors. Supposedly the wizard had made an enemy of a King when he had fallen in love and stolen away the Kings daughter. What ensued was an epic battle that burned and scorched the ground and bathed it in blood. The wizard was finally killed and his love taken from him. (as a side note… she was forced to marry and died of a broken heart). It was in this battle that drenched in the blood of warriors that the legend of the sword truly began and it first started showing signs of intellect. It has gone through quite a bit of owners through its myriad history. It seems to have developed a hatred of non spell casters, encouraging it’s possessor to kill as many as possible. It is also suspected that the sword itself will turn on it’s owner if it is wielded by a non spell caster. The last known sighting of the sword was in the possession of the notable bard, Tiberius Crane Deniveld Crane.


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