Travel to Danan Hall

The journey for the adventurers started, when they woke up chained to posts. Confused, disoriented, and in some cases beaten, they looked around to see what was going on. Armed men had taken over their camp. They saw the two young ladies, Caimille and Leiann, that they had been instructed to protect, tied and bound on the other side of the camp.

Their captors talked among themselves, discussing what to do with the prisoners as the group woke up and tried to shake off the lingering effects of the drug and get their bearings. It was clear that this was a well-trained group of fighters and that they had more information about the group and their abilities then a normal group of brigands would. As they sat there Pepper starts theorizing about the qualities of the poison that had been administered to them.

Ignoring the group, the kidnappers starts packing one of the two black carriages and put Leiann in it. Meanwhile, the group tries to figure out a way to get free. After a few moments they spot another group sneaking through the woods. Hoping that it was some kind of rescue the group sees them attack the kidnappers. They are quickly dissuaded of this idea when one of the men from this new group tries to man handle Pepper. The group is able to break their chains and escape in the confusion. They also see Caimille free herself and sneak into the woods.

As the battle is going against them the original attackers try to escape. Some of them get on the carriage with Leiann in it and start to drive off. The others follow on horseback. Caimille seeing her sister being taken away jumps onto a horse and starts following the kidnappers. Deni jumps onto the horse behind her. After finding his weapons Kaz grabs a horse and starts following. As they ride Deni flirts with his best friend’s sister. Caimille tries to ignore him knowing Deni isn’t serious about it, though she does find his closeness disconcerting but she pretends she doesn’t. As they near the carriage they hear Kaz catching up behind them.

Kaz stares at the carriage trying to figure out if he could be successful in jumping onto the carriage. He decides that it’s too much of a risk and instead rides up behind Caimille and Deni and covers them from the other riders. Once the two of them get abreast to the carriage a man inside points out a gun and tries to shoot them. Thankfully he misses. Despite the difficulty of casting while riding a horse, Deni is able to cast a charm spell on the kidnapper and convince him to hand Leiann over. There are a few tense moments while Camille tries to get close enough to make the transfer between the horse and the moving carriage as safe as possible. Deni is able to successfully get Leiann to the horse. As soon as her sister is safe, Caimille peels off with Kaz close behind her.

Meanwhile back at the camp. Dactyl, Pepper, and Kyras are left to deal with the last of the attackers. Once he gets his staff back and shouting the incantation, “Taste the rainbow!!!” Pepper is able to use color spray to incapacitate the men attacking them. He also notices that they are trying to steal a book his parents had asked him to deliver to theMarlord. He retrieves his book but is shocked to see Kyras killing the incapacitated men in anger over them slaying one of his wolves. Looking at the second group of men they notice that they are all wearing moonstones, the holy stone of the Silver Lady.

They also find a sealed note on one of the original attackers. In a quiet moment Pepper investigates the book to make sure it was unharmed in the fracas. When he unlatches the book he finds that the book is hollow and there is a device inside. Gingerly he shakes the device and hears a thick slushy noise like some sort of liquid. Pepper decides not to investigate further fearing to damage the object.

When Camille, Leiann, Deni, and Kaz return they get their stuff together and try to decide what to do. Do they go on or return home?



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