Lirrenlands Ho!!!

After meeting with King Baryn, Lord Brendan asks the group if there are any messages they would like to send home. They all write letters to their loved ones back at home. Pepper sends his parents a message but makes sure to leave out any mention of danger, Dactyl tells his parents all about what happened and sends his mom a golden pearl they found in the Lumanen Convent. Kaz sends his dad a message about what has been going on. Deni sends money to his fiancé to help run their house in Twin Falls.

They spend a couple of days in Ghosenhall, so that Dactyl can make some more potions for the trip to the Lirrenlands coming up. Kaz is happy to be reunited with Lilly. Ellynor suggests that they go to home by way of Coravann so that she can visit her uncle and tell him what happened. Then they can take the safer merchant routes to get into the Lirrenlands. Not knowing if they can trust her uncle the group agrees with some trepidation.

After they had sold all gear and finished all the preparation to head for the Lirrenlands, our intrepid adventurers set off. That night during Dactyl’s watch he notices the normal noises of the forest are oddly silent. As he looks around alarmed he hears stealthy movement approaching the camp though he does not yet see any movement. Because he is loath to disturb the sleep of the casters in the party he wakes up Kaz first. After getting over the first disorientation he hears the same stealthy movement that Dactyl had heard. He props himself into a sitting position with his axe cradled against his chest. His head tilted down so that he appears to be sleeping against the tree.

Kaz opens his eyes a slit and peers out with his dark vision, into the surrounding forest. He sees movement out in the forest but unfortunately his vision is blocked by the trees and shrubbery so he is not sure how many are there. He is able to see, in his brief glances that they are wearing heavy armor and are medium sized humanoids. He decides the best thing is to wake the others, so they wake up Pepper and Iriel. After a few moments they wake up Deni as well.

One of the figures approaches the camp and resolves into a man dressed completely in black armor. As he approaches a noticeable chill descends upon the area. In a polite, well-bred voice he asks if he would be allowed to enter the camp without being attacked. He apologizes for the late hour but this was the best time for him to approach them.. The group agrees to not attack him as long as he doesn’t attack them and he enters the camp. He explains that he was searching for the group on behalf of his Lord Vergas (a name nobody recognizes as 12th house, so the assumption is that he is a 13th house noble). He is looking for a young lady that the group had rescued when her town was raided by orcs. Her name is Dimira Kassen.

He tells them that his Lord heard of her rescue and wishes to be reunited with her. Dactyl and Deni both sense that the man in black might be obfuscating the truth. Deni is positive that the man is being insincere. His instinct screams at him that this cultural veneer is just a mask to allay their suspicions and while he is obviously looking for information on the girl and her brother’s whereabouts he senses that his intention was not the friendly reunion he implied. Deni point blanks refuses to help. The man expresses his disappointment and walks away with his associates. The natural sounds return after they leave.

Pepper who had been waiting behind a tree to surprise them and just to make sure this wasn’t another attempt to abduct him tells them that he recognized the name of Vergas as the last name of the undead man they killed in the crypt where they saved Dimira and her brother, Roldare. With this news Dactyl quaffs a potion that allows him to see undead and he is able to pick up a faint trace of undead energy in the forest but not where the man had been, leading the group to believe his associates where undead. Deni starts to try to figure out what is the man in blacks area of expertise. The rest of the night goes uneventful.

The next night during Pepper’s watch an odd silence descends around him. Taking this as a sign of impending attack Pepper wakes most of the rest of the group and they immediately prepare for battle. They are not disappointed as the man in black and his companions sweep into camp and start attacking them. The battle is quick but fierce. It seems clear that the attackers want them alive as they consistently used the flat of their blades to attack the defenders. The defenders have no such qualms about taking the attackers a live but find it difficult to bring down these undead. The undead are relentless in their attempt to subdue the players. They spread out through the camp trying to take on as many of the players as possible, bolstered by the man in black, as he channels negative energy around them. Despite the undead knocking Iriel unconscious and the silence spell , it is clear before long that the group is going to win the day.

When he sees that the battle is not going as planned the man in black runs away. The group not wanting him to get away finish off the two remaining undead and give chase. With judicious use of potions and spells the group chases down the man in black and subdues him. As he is falling unconscious from the blow he looks at Deni and tells him that her father says hello. Deni looks down at the unconscious man confused… Whose father?



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