Lirrenlands Ho!!!!

Kaz hog ties the unconscious prisoner and hangs him up in a tree. Kaz and Dactyl discuss putting sharp objects under him to make it less likely that the black knight would try to escape. Pepper lowers him down onto a blanket to talk and to be more humane.

Lirrenlands Ho!!!

After meeting with King Baryn, Lord Brendan asks the group if there are any messages they would like to send home. They all write letters to their loved ones back at home. Pepper sends his parents a message but makes sure to leave out any mention of danger, Dactyl tells his parents all about what happened and sends his mom a golden pearl they found in the Lumanen Convent. Kaz sends his dad a message about what has been going on. Deni sends money to his fiancé to help run their house in Twin Falls.

Travel to Danan Hall

The journey for the adventurers started, when they woke up chained to posts. Confused, disoriented, and in some cases beaten, they looked around to see what was going on. Armed men had taken over their camp. They saw the two young ladies, Caimille and Leiann, that they had been instructed to protect, tied and bound on the other side of the camp.


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